It's starting to feel like Amazon is advertising discounted membership for EBT cardholders, but not actually providing it. Has anyone actually been able to successfully sign up for this?

I've been trying since June 29th to apply for Amazon's discounted Prime for EBT cardholders. I keep being sent the same link to upload my card with no further information on what is going on. Today I tried to contact customer service through both chat and phone. I kept being told "It takes 7 days to process" without anyone telling me seven days from when (since I have uploaded the information they asked for multiple times) or giving me any way to verify that my information had been received - the person I talked to on the phone actually started yelling at me when I tried to get her to confirm when they had actually received the information. This is the email I just got -


I understand you're concerned about a discounted Prime membership with your EBT.

After reviewing your previous correspondence with our customer service, I can confirm the information provided to you was correct. As my colleague mentioned, It can take up to 7 days from today to be approved.

I realize this is frustrating; however we aren't able to offer any additional insight or action on this matter and any further inquiries regarding this issue won't receive a response.

We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards,
Christa S
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