... and also because Wrapunzel has a sale on this scarf today!

Specifically, it's the Lakeshore Bliss pashmina in teal/black. The headband is also from Wrapunzel, although it looks like they no longer stock it, over a Wendy volumizer in a Beginner's Luck tie.
A really sweet thing happened recently.

So, as cute as kittens are, I am more inclined to adopt adult cats. But one of the drawbacks of that is you miss out on their kittenhood and often don't know much about their early life.

When I adopted Boston years ago I found out a little about him - I knew he'd been injured as a kitten, and had a twisted foot as a result. When I found out that he recognized and responded to his name, I didn't change it. This turned out to be an absolutely wise choice. Because a few weeks ago, the woman who had him when he was young found the Instagram account where I post pics of him and Slarti!

It was really awesome. I learned that she'd found him as a tiny kitten, alone with a badly injured paw. HOW CUTE WAS BABY BOSTON OMG

It really was wonderful to learn that he had been found injured as a kitten as opposed to having been hurt from neglect or abuse in a previous home. I learned that his previous owner had found a new home for him when she relocated (and that was the guy I adopted him from). So good to know that my sweet boy has been loved his whole life! I saw lots of old pictures of him and found out that a lot of his quirks like kneading with all four paws and his fondness for lying on his back with his head cocked and front paws pulled in have been lifelong habits. And she told me that he'd been named after the city (I had wondered, and people had asked me). And she now knows he is safe in a loving home, and has a kitty younger brother who love-pesters him the way he did to his first kitty big sis, and gets to follow his daily life :)

This is another of my favorite sari scarves. Metallic gold strips are always a neat plus in a sari scarf - it's like a built-in headband! - but the knotwork pattern strip in this one was what really made it a must for me. That they're next to each other only makes it more perfect - I can highlight both of them without any fussy folding.
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( Jan. 1st, 2019 01:56 am)
Well, the Watergate Salad I made for New Year's was super easy and tasty, so I'm going to try a variation. Lemon pudding mix instead of pistachio, and add a can of mandarin oranges.

I'll call it a Mueller salad.

A friend is staying for a couple of days. Slarti is spooked, but curious!
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( Aug. 2nd, 2018 07:25 pm)

I was so proud of Slarti today! The neighbor across from us started hitting a punching bag on his balcony, and Slarti was spooked but only retreated to just behind the doorway, and did not dart to one of his hiding spots.
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( Jul. 26th, 2018 07:52 pm)

It’s probably in poor taste that after listening to a podcast episode about Elisa Lam that I got this stuck in my head and have been listening to it on repeat incessantly, with the occasional “False Sir John” or “Lady Isobel and the Elf-Knight” for variety.
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( Jul. 22nd, 2018 04:07 pm)

(I offered them a bite - they declined.)
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( Jun. 29th, 2018 06:44 pm)

Slarti adores the turkey flavor Fancy Feast, so it didn't take much to get him to come out, even with it all the way in the middle of the balcony!