Tonight I had a quesadilla made with masa rather than tortillas and I don't know if I can ever go back...

Also the place where I had it (a wonderful little snack bar right near my apartment complex) has, unsurprisingly, a tv tuned to a Spanish-language station and while it was being made I had the entertaining experience of sipping an agua fresca that had been chunks of cantaloupe moments earlier watching an ad for Taco Bell in Spanish. I feel a little sorry for the Taco Bell in my neighborhood. Unless someone has a specific craving for their variety of homogenized Mexicanish or a thirst for Mountain Dew Baja Blast, they're grotesquely outclassed - Tacorrido even has them beat in the late-night and drive-thru departments.

Two hours later I'm still very very full.
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Tacorrido... okay, where is this place? We love checking out little independent Mexican places in Austin. And do they have agua fresca in flavors other than cantaloupe?


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